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Turn visitors into customers

Understanding your visitors and turning them into customers is essential for growing your business. Using Google Analytics helps you find all the necessary data about your website visitors and translates it into an easy to read, visual report.

The type of data collected that can help your business include:

Amount of new visitors

The total number of visitors that view your website.
You can compare traffic volume from different sources for example, the traffic from different search engines, campaigns, or devices. Overall comparisons let you make some initial determinations about which channels are the most effective and which ones offer the best return.

Google Analytics Reports Steve Sot Website

Returning visitors

The total amount of visitors returning to your site.
The combination of Returning and New visitors is very effective in determining the success of marketing/advertising campaigns at driving new traffic to your website, and how engaging your content is for both new and returning visitors.

Age and Gender

Groups of different age ranges for example 25-34, 35-54 and whether they are female or male visitors.
Understanding the age and gender composition of your audience gives you an opportunity to precisely tailor your content and advertising, from the graphics, language, and technical sophistication you employ on your site to the creative contents and placements for your ads.

Returning Visitors Age Gender Steve Sot Websites

Location and Language

Identified by country, region and city together with multiple languages used. You can receive relevant feedback from visitors in your target location but also visitors outside those locations that are interested in your products and services. Data about the languages used in your marketing allows you to see who’s responding to different language versions of your advertising inside and outside of the target market.

Bounce rate

The percentage of your website users that leave after only viewing the first page. This allows you to evaluate the impression made on your visitors by indicating how relevant the content is for them and how engaged they are with your website. Your site may have all the information present and be the best solution for your customers but if it is not effectively and easily displayed, you risk losing potential customers. A high bounce rate might identify this.

Location Language Bounce rate Steve Sot Websites

User behaviour

This is how your visitors interact with your website. For example what pages they view most, what buttons they click on, what specific path they take to buy your products. You can plan extremely detailed marketing campaigns based on what your visitors do. This can be as simple as discovering the amount of new and returning visitors or as detailed as who viewed product-detail pages but didn’t add items to their carts.

Devices used

The device used by visitors to view your website such as a Desktop, Tablet or Mobile.
Target specific marketing/advertising campaigns that reach your visitors by connecting with them on all devices. Especially with the popularity of mobile, this is a critical metric that can help make your business stand out from the rest.

User behaviour Devices used Steve Sot Websites

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