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Search Engine Optimization or SEO

Great care and time is taken when designing your site with the most important part of this process to make it as search engine friendly as possible. After all what good is an amazing website if no one can find your business online?

Strict steps approved by Google and those in the know are taken to make your site search engine friendly to ensure the best possible ranking when your keywords are entered. It is important to note you will see progress when Google refresh their web trawlers occurring every 24 hours.


Quality Content

By creating compelling and useful content this is one of the most influential factors for your website. Handy tips on relevant keywords to help with ranking and customer-focused copy will be provided to ensure your message is being delivered.

Page title

The title tells both users and search engines what the topic of the page is about.
When creating page titles the name of your website/business, physical location (if applicable), and it’s main products or services are all included.

Meta tag

A page’s description Meta tag gives Google and other search engines a summary of what the page is about and this is important because only snippets of your pages may be used. An accurate and relevant summary of your page’s content is written for the Meta description tag.


Social Media

Social Media pages and profiles that contain the right content dramatically help with search engine rankings. Things like descriptions about your business, location, trading hours, contact details, quality posts and comments are key to boost your ranking.

URL structures, Breadcrumbs, 404 Page not found and Site Maps

A URL is the page’s address e.g. Carefully thought out URL structures are created for each page, using relevant words. Good navigation helps visitors quickly and easily find what they want. It also helps search engines understand what content is important. A number of critical elements that include Breadcrumbs, part of the URL being removed, a 404 Page not found and 2 Site Maps are factored into your design.

File names and Alt tags

The file name for example “seo.jpg” and “alt” tags help search engines easily find your images and “alt” tags also aid your visually impaired visitors. Image files will be named based on the topic they relate to and will include proper “alt” tags.