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You get to see your target market, up close and personal

You get to interact with your customers on a more personal level than ever before allowing you to understand their needs better. Use this to adjust marketing strategies that help target your audience.

You can respond to feedback

People like giving you feedback about your products or services and social media gives you and your customers the ability to quickly resolve any issues, creating a better overall user experience.

Your competition is Tweeting and Facebooking like crazy

The sooner the better! It’s cost effective to market with social media as you can start gaining fans and followers with minimal/no expense. It’s the best way to show your customers what makes you different in a friendly and fun way.


People like messages more

Your visitors see social media for what it is…social, not an advertising platform. So by posting messages and stories they will be more likely to hear what you have to say.

Increase sales

Your visitors will be more likely to buy from you when you stay fresh in their minds. Social media marketing keeps your business in front of potential buyers and creates the opportunity for you to give them incentives to buy.

Find customers you didn’t even know existed

Each social network has tricks to help you find potential customers. For example if you use Twitter you can follow specific keywords and you can find people who are looking for the products you sell (and then direct them to your site).
Another great example is using Facebook. If you join a group related to your products, industry and customer base and you post links to these groups you can help influence visitors to check out your site, turning them into buyers.


It’s Free

If you decide to manage your social media it’s free. There are of course paid options where you can pay for advertising or have a social media marketer do the work for you. It’s best to keep in mind that social media is a specialized tool when using it for your business and anything that gets posted, tweeted or pinned represents your business and brand. If social media marketing is not familiar to you, it would be wise investing in a specialist that can assist. If you are savvy and have the time then managing it in-house is one of the most cost effective ways to promote your business.

Social media marketing has a fairly level playing field

Unlike traditional campaigns in a brick and mortar world social media marketing doesn’t require millions of dollars. Every business begins with a fairly level playing field when using social media marketing. Businesses that thrive are the ones with the most unique, attention grabbing tactics and the most useful, share worthy content.
To increase traffic and sales online you will have to outwit, out network and out write your competition while offering superior products and customer service.